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To him, she's an uptight Shrutebag. To her, he's a lumpatious A-hole. This college hockey star and this A+ student can't stand each other. So why can neither of them stop thinking about the searing kiss they never meant to share?


There's no way I'm falling for a chick like Leilani. Ugh, dating her would be like spending an entire game in the sin bin. I don't care that her lips are an addictive oasis that I want to dive straight back into. She's a she-devil and I won't succumb to the wicked spells she's casting on me.


Except that I can't help myself.


Why did I engage? Why did I have to start the conversation and find out how much we have in common?

Why is that I feel like if I let her in, she'd get me better than anyone else I've ever known?

But I can't go there…


Until she tells me something I will never get over.

I don't think she meant to share her secret but it all came out in the heat of the moment, and now that I know… I can't forget it… and I can't hate her anymore.


If anything, I'm on a mission to make sure no one ever hurts her again. And while I'm on that mission, I might just have to fall hard and fast under her spell, because why fight something that sets my heart on fire?

Oh yeah, I'm gonna get burned. There's no doubt she's my love penalty. But do you think I can skate away from her?

Not a chance…


The Love Penalty is a passionate stand-alone NA hockey romance with no cheating and a guaranteed happy ending. Perfect for fans of Off-Campus by Elle Kennedy, #Nerd by Cambria Hebert and Don't Let Me by Kelsie Rae.


Trigger warning: Date rape (off-page)

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