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"I love this book. Liam is such a great guy. Quiet, responsible, loyal, resilient, loving, protective and caring guy. He is the definition of a perfect book boyfriend/husband."

Lisa Troung, Book reviewer


He’s a hockey star with no strings attached and a life any other college student would be jealous of… but when he meets a girl with big green eyes and tears on her face, he’s a goner.


When I open the door to our hockey frat house late one night and find a distraught woman shivering on the doorstep, every protective instinct inside me rises to the challenge. I’ll do anything to help her and wipe that terrified look off her face. It doesn’t matter that I’ve never seen her before and I don’t know anything about her or even what happened.


That’s the kind of guy I am. I’m the protector, the defenseman, the one who makes sure everyone is all right, on the ice and off it.


But the more time I spend with her, the more I’m intrigued by her quiet smile and her unflinching grit. She’s got more backbone and quicker defense reflexes than most hockey goalies I know. She’s also keeping the truth locked down so tight I still don’t know exactly what happened to her that night, but the way she flinches at loud noises and the fear that flashes through her eyes tells me enough.


Someone hurt her.


And for some reason, the thought of that is more than I can handle. I’m determined to find out who did this to her, and then I’m going to make sure they’ll never be able to hurt her again.


I’ve never felt like this before about a girl. I want to protect her, to keep her safe…. But I also want to make her mine.


The Heart Stealer is a stand alone, slow burn NA hockey romance with no cheating and a guaranteed happy ending. Perfect for fans of Off-Campus by Elle Kennedy, #Nerd by Cambria Hebert and Maple Hills by Hannah Grace.


"Couldn’t put this book down. It pulled on the heart strings. Fell in love with Liam and Ray Ray. The 3rd book can’t come out soon enough. This is a must read book. If you love reading Bella Matthews and Brynne Asher you will absolutely want to read this author."

Tina Salem, Book reviewer


"Everything about this book is perfection!"

Shae, Book reviewer


"I am loving this series! Liam stole my heart!"

Closet Romance Reader, Book reviewer


"Oh my god, you guys! Liam is such a sweetheart! From when we met him in the Nolan U novella ‘Hockey House V-Cards’ alongside his nickname “Padre” he reminded me a lot of Tucker in Elle Kennedy’s ‘The Goal’."

Rowena, Book reviewer - Millennium Baby Gal Reads

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