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He lost a bet, now it's no girls for a month… until he meets a sassy freshman who just might be the girl of his dreams.


What can I say? I got cocky. One drunken bet and now I've gotta go girl-free for a whole frickin' month.


A bet's a bet, though, and now I have to man-up and take it… but it's gonna be impossible after last night. Ever since I saved that sassy, little freshman from a carload of sleaze bags, she's been under my skin. It's not just the fact she's a hottie. It's more about the fact that she didn't bat her eyelashes or flirt with me. If anything, she insulted me to my face and told me she could take care of herself.


And now I'm hooked. I couldn't get enough of that tomboy trash talk and now I want to know everything about her… including the secret I'm sure she's hiding. But I need to steer clear, right? I can't go falling for some girl and reneging on this bet. The consequences could get me kicked off the team… but there's something so addictive about this girl.


I have to have her. I have to make her mine.


The Forbidden Freshman is a stand alone, slow burn NA hockey romance with no cheating and a guaranteed happy ending. Perfect for fans of Off-Campus by Elle Kennedy.


"Wow, wow, wow!!! Where did this author come from? This book absolutely blew my mind. I loved Ethan and Mick's story so much! I didn't want to put it down and I couldn't stop thinking about it when I had to... scrap that, I still can't stop thinking about it weeks later! There is so much to this story to love - the pace, the fun, the sexy, the angst, the hurt, just EVERYTHING! So perfect!"

Megan Keith, Romance author


"Katy crafts a beautiful story, believable characters, and really tangible emotions, which put her in the 'auto-buy' category for me.” Ellysa, Book Reviewer


"The Forbidden Freshman is 5 stars! So spicy, so sweet, so swoony… so perfect! The best hockey read of the year!😍” Meredith Tittle, reader review

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